Webbiz Creative Insights Vol 2

This month, we share creative insights and suggestions regarding new podcasts, books, and Netflix documentaries.


In the second edition of our monthly recommendation list, we delve deep into the world of marketing and design podcasts, books about colorful bovines, hope on unusual places and much more.



The GaryVee Audio Experience 

Hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, investor, vlogger, and public speaker Gary Vaynerchuk. On his podcast, he shares keynote speeches on marketing and business, segments from his video series, interviews and fireside chats he has given, as well as new and current thoughts he records for this audio experience.

The Futur with Cris Do

Candid conversations with the most interesting and inspirational people that you’ve never heard of. The host interviews people from all walks of life about the fringes of design, technology, marketing, and business – all in hopes of changing the way you think.




Purple Cow

A 2002 book from the marketing guru Seth Godin, the book is an invitation to rethink the old ways of traditional marketing in order to make products relevant for longer. If you want to be remarkable, this is a read for you.

Everything is F*cked: A book about hope

We live in an interesting time. We are freer, healthier and wealthier than any people in human history. Yet, somehow everything seems to be irreparably f*cked. With unusual examples, like how Sigmund Freud’s Nephew transformed marketing, and unusual ideas about the value of Hope and Religion, this is a creative book that will both make you laugh and think.




Abstract: The Art of Design

Some of the most creative minds in the world of art and design are the focus of this Netflix documentary series. With an original look behind the scenes for lead designers in companies as Nike, Chrysler and much more, even non-designers will enjoy the series.


Trends & Insights



Combining flat UI and the skeuomorphic principles, Neumorphism is a trend that has been resurfacing since the end of 2019. The components have a dark box-shadow on the bottom and a light box-shadow on top; the combination of both creates the effect of the elements pushing themselves through your display.

Viz of the Day

The team of authors, designers and data analysts at Tableau Panic created this page to continue building conversations around data. With new and creative infographics, this a must-see for both designers and data enthusiasts.

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