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We share our latest discoveries with our friends and co-workers and why not, with our social media friends. 


As most creative people do, we like to share our latest discoveries with our friends and co-workers and why not, with our social media friends.  

 This month, our team have a couple of suggestions of podcasts, useful tools for animators, exercises for making our office workers fit for the summer, and much more: 






New Layer

A conversation on everything related to digital product design, with hosts Tanner Christensen and Jasmine Friedl. Discussing design careers, tools, education, critique, and much more. New episodes on Wednesdays. 




Reply All 

Originally a podcast about the internet, the show delves into deep cases of weird and amazing stories on the digital world. From mysteries involving hacked Uber accounts to flying to India to investigate scammers pretending to be Apple support, there’s about everything here for you. 







GoDaddy New Brand is an enormous improvement 

Web domain giant GoDaddy has a new logo and brand message. This dramatic redesign represents a new direction for the web hosting company, which was previously operating behind a somewhat quirky brand image, full of personality but projecting a confusing aesthetic.  







LottieFiles – The Future of Animation and Interactive Design is here 

Lottie animations and the tools you need to test and perfect them. Simply edit and ship your animations in just a few clicks. 






10 Desk Exercises for Designers 

Desk exercises are necessary for many reasons. Whether you’re working from home or in a studio, designers and artists often spend long hours sitting at a desk and staring constantly at a monitor. We’ll assume you know about taking regular screen breaks, but looking after your health at work involves more than having a rest. 


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