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Website Redesign Ireland

If you have a website that is over 5 years old, by now the chances of it being a responsive website is very low. You may also have had a mobile site made which usually would only offer a small percentage of your websites functionality.

In addition to your website not being responsive there are new trends in web development that you are missing out on. Such features like is being able to call directly from the page on a smart phone or having your social media accounts updating in real time on your website.

The biggest driving force with having your website redesigned is SEO. With new SEO algorithms being introduced in the last year or two you are most certainly missing out on potential customers.

Mobile Website Design
Mobile Website Design Dublin
Take Glenpatrick Water Coolers for example they came to Webbiz with their website shown above. They were using Google Ad words to get the majority of there web traffic and they wanted to see about getting organic hits through key word targeted SEO. After looking over their website we realised what needed to be done.

We recommended a complete website redevelopment from the ground up, building with our SEO driven development techniques that targeted their key services. Our aim was to create a responsive design that converted visitors to leads and put Glenpatrickwater.ie on the first page on Google for anything to do with water coolers.

The finished website is on the left and we were very successful in completing our task set out by Glenpatrick Water Coolers.

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Client Testimonial

“It had been on our minds to optimise our website for years but the project kept falling to the bottom of the list as it was seen as quite a big task and wasn’t considered urgent (i.e. the old website was working fine…..or so we thought). When we finally did begin the process with Webbiz, my only regret is that we didn’t begin the project earlier. I was amazed how quickly they turned the website around and both Owen and Jason made the whole process so easy. I was really impressed with the level of detail they get down to and leave no stone unturned on your behalf.

Leads generated from our website have increased by 300% per week since the update.

When the project was finished, I immediately asked Owen to begin work on our other business’s website. I couldn’t recommend Webbiz highly enough. Telling them to go ahead will be the most productive activity you do today.”

Brian Young –  Glenpatrick Water Coolers


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