What is Custom Website Design?

Completely bespoke, custom and unique design for business

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Wondering exactly what is custom website design?

This is where a website is designed with a completely bespoke, custom and unique design for business. This means that it will be the only website design of its type on the internet – providing your business with the opportunity to stand out from the crowd (and the competitors) for all the right reasons. With this custom aspect comes the ability to bring the design of your dreams to life – complete with your branding and style displayed exactly how you want it.


What are the benefits to it?

These are numerous and span many avenues across the backend of the website (how it is built and coded) and the frontend (what is presented to visitors). These benefits include:

  • Speeds and Loading Times: In terms of website speeds and page loading times for example, a custom design should perform faster as it is coded (built) to do exactly what it needs to do. This differs from more standard website designs which may rely on the likes of pre-made themes and templates as these can be filled and bloated with code for elements you may never make use of (yet will still have to load in the backend as they are technically part of the website design). Having swift speeds like this also assists with your overall search engine optimisation (SEO) score. As we know in the digital age of today, people like to access things as soon as possible in the vein of ‘instant gratification’, so this is yet another bonus to going custom.

  • Professionalism: When browsing online, you are sure to come across different websites that seem to have very similar layouts and styles. It is most likely that these are made using a pre-made theme or template and as such the businesses would only have the power to change some basic elements like blocks, fonts and images. With a custom website design instead, visitors to your website are greeted by a completely polished and professional representation of your business online that makes a great first impression to new visitors and can help them convert into new customers. You will also be able to display and render your content and values exactly how you want them – thus making for a more seamless brand experience online.

  • Editability: As touched on above and alluded to in the very word ‘custom’, you are given the freedom to present the exact look, feel and information that you wish when you opt for a custom design. This frees you and your business from being restricted by templates that give very little flexibility. So when looking to add or edit a section, update information or even refreshing certain areas; your custom design allows for all of this with ease compared to trying to edit something that is already hard coded a certain way. Adding a plugin for example is a more seamless process with custom coding – but can sometimes cause issues and downtime when trying to work alongside a theme or template.

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Where can I get a custom website design?

We here at Webbiz specialise in this and do not create any websites from already made and used themes and templates. Not only are we knowledgeable of the benefits, but we have also seen first hand the real results and business benefits that this can bring – in both saturated industries and sectors and in more niche markets. Our team structure includes those who specialise in web development (the coding and building of your custom website), web designers (those who turbocharge it with a terrific and engaging design), our branding department (who can create custom branding such as icons, logos, banners and more for your business) and our digital marketing department (they can help with the likes of SEO to give your website the best chance to survive and thrive online after launching as well as deploying campaigns to sustain traction and visibility).

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Big brands choose us for a reason and include the likes of the Jervis shopping centre and Gym Plus. Our work gets results and helps businesses by driving traffic and generating leads. Not only that, but we also offer support services so you can keep pain points (such as software updates, website data backups etc.) off your workload and leave them with us to action. But don’t just take our word for it, the proof is in the numbers. Above you can see some analytics and graphs from different client websites that we designed from the same period both before the launch of their new custom website and afterwards.

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How much does a custom design cost?

There is no one answer to this in that it will depend on exactly what you want your website to do and achieve. Some are more ‘simple’ designs that may simply showcase a physical location and work to drive footfall to it, while others are more complex and time-consuming such as setting up an online shop, implementing an eCommerce platform and creating account and login details. To enquire about your exact needs so that we can explore them in detail and make a quote for you, please contact us using the form below – or you can click / tap here to contact us.

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