What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing can step up your business

Digital marketing is so much more than just creating social media profiles and having a website. There are necessary steps that need to be taken in order to have a complete and well-planned digital marketing strategy implementation and practice.

The first step to a successful strategy is PLANNING. A brand/company needs to have a very clear idea of what, where and how they are going to be presented in the virtual world. If you do not plan before start doing something, in the future you will have a lot of loose actions but not an integrated strategy. If we could give people advice it would be: do not rush, think first, discuss, plan and then you can start the implementation.

The second step is to understand that you need to have a good BUDGET to work. Of course, you can start with a small investment, but the results will be “small” as well, with a few exceptions. It is necessary to keep in mind when you have a good initial investment you can have better engagement, reach and conversions than you will have to compare to an “offline” marketing strategy.

That leads us to the third step: understanding your REAL target. It is the dream of every marketer to reach everybody in the world, paying a small amount of money and selling all your products.

So, you need to segment your target, understand not only how they consume but especially how they behave in society. That way, you will be assertive in how you are going to speak and where (which channels are you going to use).

Last but not least, KPI’s and METRICS. This is still one of the most forgotten steps. Working with digital marketing you can measure almost everything that you can dream of (sometimes you have a lot of useless data too). You can see exactly what is going right or wrong and change the strategy to achieve the best results.

Webbiz can help you in each step taken, creating an efficient, complete and integrated digital marketing strategy.

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