What is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation Explained

It is a practice that makes Google take notice of your website to drive traffic to it online


Whenever there is talk about websites, there is inevitably talk about SEO too. SEO stands for search engine optimisation and it is a practice that makes Google take notice of your website to drive traffic to it online. Here we explain in detail what exactly it is, why it is important and why your website needs it to go beyond the basic and to survive and thrive online in 2019 and beyond. We here at Webbiz are happy to impart our expertise to add value to your business.



What is SEO?

When you search for a word or sentence in Google, you are presented with a list of websites that match your search query. Have you ever wondered why these particular results appear for you and why they are arranged in this order? The answer is down to search engine optimisation or SEO for short. As the name suggests, SEO works by optimising your website so that it performs as best as possible in these Google results. Multiple reports and studies over the years have shown that the majority of people do not go to the second page of search results, so you really want your website to appear on the first page (and ideally as high up as possible). This is the main aim of SEO – priming your website to be in the pole position, which means it is in a better place to gain traffic, leads and ultimately conversions.



Why is SEO important?

It is of paramount importance for the reasons explained above (preferential positioning) and also because most SEO requirements can act like a checklist as to how your website should be performing. For example, site speed can have a positive effect on your overall SEO score. But even regardless of that, your website should of course be speedy and have quick loading times overall. Likewise, another positive SEO trait is to have links built into your pages so that those visiting your website can easily and quickly navigate to the page and content they are looking for. So in this way, by optimising your website and its content for search engine optimisation; you also enhance it overall in way that your visitors should respond positively to. The bonus is that it is easier for them to discover your website as it is also optimised to appear on Google.



Why does my website need it?

Having read the above, you are probably clear as to why your website needs everything that has been discussed. It is important too to remember the more invisible and intangible aspects that these elements bring. By ranking high up on the Google search engine results page (SERP) and also having a website that is optimised in terms of content and user experience (UX); you portray a professional first impression to visitors of your website (potential customers). This is hugely important in terms of your brand and how it appears to and appeals to people. So as you can see, SEO itself has huge reaching and hugely beneficial effects for your website. It is not something to be neglected or glossed over because as you can imagine, your competitors are almost certainly looking after theirs.


What is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation Explained

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