WordPress Training in Dublin

Manage and maintain the day to day tasks of your custom website.

wordpress training in dublin

Did you know that we offer WordPress training in Dublin for either one of your team members – or even your whole team? Here we explain why this is extremely useful to empower your team with the knowledge and skills to help manage your WordPress website.


Here at Webbiz, we specialise in custom website design using one of the world’s most popular content management systems (CMS) known as WordPress. As a Dublin web agency we do offer support packages for our clients, but we also offer this training so that our clients do not have to rely on us for more simple website tasks and can instead manage them internally when they need them. Below we explain some of the topics covered when you choose WordPress training in Dublin with us.

wordpress training in dublin

Users and Logins

Your website needs to be logged into to access what is known as the backend – where you make changes that are reflected on the frontend (i.e. the part of your website that your visitors see and interact with). You can have multiple users and logins for different team members and they can be assigned different roles like administrators and editors to have the permissions to perform different tasks. It is crucial that these are setup and implemented correctly to safeguard the security of your website, including all of the content and details within it.

wordpress training in dublin

Pages, Text and Images

One of the most common needs when using any CMS is the ability to be able to add the likes of pages, text and images when needed. This may be to create an entirely new page on your website, or to add or amend text and images on a current webpage. The training will cover how to complete all of these aspects to a professional level that will work and fit in with your custom website design while also completing the goal(s) in mind i.e. needing a new webpage to explain a new service that your business may be offering.

wordpress training in dublin

Blog Posts

If your website contains a blog / insights / news etc. section, it is important to know how to add new blog posts to cater to search engine optimisation (learn more about SEO here) and also in a way that retains your brand style and website integrity. While blog posts are similar in some ways to webpages, they include additional ranking elements such as tags that set them apart and in some ways bring their own set of rules. The training will cover this and ensure that staff members are confident in blogging as a routine task as part of your businesses SEO strategy.


WordPress Training in Dublin

These are just some of the aspects that will be covered during the training to empower your team with the skills they need to properly manage and maintain the day to day needs of your website. For more information and to book this training, you can contact us here or complete the form below!

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