Action Aid

Action Aid work with the poorest women and children in the world, changing their lives for good.
They know that supporting women in a community has a powerful effect on everybody, lifting up their children, their families and future generations.

Providing long term support to women and their children in developing countries


In our discovery meeting, we set the main goal of clarifying Action Aid’s approach is to empower local women to take control over their own lives. Redesign the user flow of their donation form increased at least 248% their submissions.

Defining the Problem


We took an experimental approach, collaborating with Action Aid, to test our prototypes in context with actual residents. To identify the best service solution for them, we had to consider a broad range of factors: the needs of the drivers we were designing for, the technological and data challenges as well as the task of condensing dense parking rules into bite-size pieces – and delivering them without distracting the driver.

Delivering the Solution




Objectives for campaign landing page:

Raise awareness – users come away with an understanding of tax dodging and the impact
Primary action – get people to sign petition
Secondary actions – sign-up to the newsletter, get involved with the campaign, find more information (reports) and explore other areas of ActionAid’s work (footer)

Mobile-First Thinking

Our focus at the beginning of any project development is to create a detailed and concise overview of the entire system that identifies the size, scope, related workflows and risk factors of the project.

Few clicks to take an action

Action Aid’s Digital Styleguide



The creation and execution of a new digital product (website, fundraising system etc.) needs to work with and incorporate our core brand and visual identity.

We work in a competitive environment, so it’s important we have a clear point of difference from other international non-profit organisations. It’s vital that we strengthen the consistency of how we apply our brand and visual identity in our digital communications.


Manage all your news on WordPress

Action Aid requested the ability to easily create new pages and include any elements already designed. And of course easily upload blogs. They would also publish reports, annual reviews and fundraising materials from time-to-time; we would like these to be easily uploadable as PDFs and accessible either as links or to download behind forms.

Layout Guidelines

The layout of your digital product will be best designed if you have a clear idea of your projects’ priorities. If you don’t know your priorities, the design will never be able to reflect them and can end up being generic, muddled, or at worst confusing.


Design Custom & Unique Icons

The Result


conversion increase


new revenue and petition streams


mobile traffic increase

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