Socially connecting classrooms, calendars, students and staff with a website and app.


Go-X knew they could count on us to tackle their technical, aesthetic and end-user needs. Requiring a custom website, updated app, refreshed branding and separate login portals for both students and staff; this project required an expert thought process and slick implementation for all of the users and stakeholders involved. With our work going beyond the basic, we empowered Go-X to provide their offering of socially connecting classrooms, calendars, students and staff through event management and organisation.

Pain Points Solved



Provided a workaround with dedicated login portals


Developed custom code purely for their needs


Refreshed branding to be consistent and cohesive


Updated their app to match their new premium website


Implemented an expert UX to assist with goal conversion



Go-X exists to connect calendars between students and staff to manage and organise social events and activities. Their product is that of a clean calendar function to plan activities for different student sectors with options for collaboration, map integration, tracking, translations, team member features and more. They sought a sleek and speedy interface with separate functions for the students who would be the recipients of the content and the staff who would set it up from an administrative perspective. Our work on their custom website design added value and impressed them so much (on both a technical and aesthetic level) that they also asked us to turbocharge their existing app with the premium interface and branding we created.



Design Trends & Seamless Omnichannel Usage

While they came to use with a suite of branding already in place, our creative branding department worked with them to bring this beyond the basic to result in a more premium look and feel at every touchpoint. The colour scheme was tweaked to be more vibrant without being overpowering while the likes of the logo, icons and overall style had its edges softened in keeping with current design trends and seamless omnichannel usage. One such visual motif adopted was that of the rounded diamond shape which saw use across the logo, buttons and icons across the website and in picture frame format throughout the app.


Tangible Visual Identity

The use of branding ensures that a business has a tangible visual identity that can be memorable and remain on the minds of all who see it. Strong use of colour, for example, can lead website visitors to connect a brand when they see this colour in other places – effectively evoking a subconscious version of remarketing.


Custom Website Design





Two Separated Portals

Webbiz know the importance of having separate developers and designers so that they can focus on their respective areas of expertise to produce nothing but the best results for our clients. Our team structure added value in this respect by being able to simultaneously dedicate time to the robust and custom coded login portals (separate portals made for students and staff) and the engaging design and user experience that ensured interaction with it.


Accessible on Any Device

Conscious that Go-X offer somewhat of a newer product idea, we made sure to enrich the website with relevant content to properly explain how it works. As such, a case study section was implemented as well as ample communication channels made visible such as e-mail addresses, a contact form and social media links. It also goes without saying when it comes to any of our custom website designs, but this website was also crafted to be responsive on both desktop and mobile devices.



Turbocharging an existing App

A testament to the skill and tenacity of the Webbiz team, the scope of this project was increased before it was completed as Go-X requested that we also turbocharge their existing app to bring it up to the same standard of the website and branding being worked on. We of course accommodated for this and were so glad to be able to do the entire business and brand justice by optimising each element with a premium polish.





Full Force Mobilisation

This made for a consistent and cohesive vehicle for Go-X that kept that business goal in firm focus across their website, branding, app and overall online output. It also mobilised the full force of our team, meaning that our designers and developers worked in harmony with our creative branding department and UX specialists to create some simply stunning results.

In their words

“Terrific from start to finish. Would recommend to any friends looking for design & web work completed…”

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