Huntoffice is a digital eCommerce business operating in the Office Products, Office Interiors and Facilities Supplies marketplace.

Office Product Solutions for Business

Hunt Office sought out a qualified Dublin based Web Agency to re-design and develop a new website which will act as a digital doorway for all people who interact with Hunt Office to link off to one of there three websites.

Defining the Problem



What does the project work to achieve?

The primary objective is to position the two paths: HuntOffice E-commerce and HuntOffice Interiors as a key component of the new website. We are also aiming to increase the website’s usability for its users by offering ease of navigation. HuntOffice is a cutting-edge service provider and is paving the way on how these services should be delivered to its clients, we need to represent this through the content and structure.


Delivering the Solution


Behind the Scenes: Design

The layout of your digital product will be best designed if you have a clear idea of your projects’ priorities. If you don’t know your priorities, the design will never be able to reflect them and can end up being generic, muddled, or at worst confusing.

Mobile-First Thinking

Access both paths: Interiors & E-commerce


Hunt Office’s Digital Guidelines



WordPress Back-end Development Ireland

Since day one, Hunt Office Group requested the ability to easily create new pages and include any elements already designed. They would also publish blogs, trends and marketing materials from time-to-time. We would like these to be easily uploadable as PDFs and accessible either as links or to download behind forms.

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