Jervis Shopping Centre

Opened in 1996, the Jervis Shopping Centre is one of Ireland’s busiest and most iconic shopping centres. It has a total of seventy stores including well-known brands across the likes of clothing, food, sports, accessory and electrical outlets.

Shopping in the heart of Dublin City

Defining the problem


webbiz jervis shopping centre website design agency in dublin


After the Webbiz team went through a detailed technical analysis of their old website, we could spot several issues that were crucial for a 21st century business to remedy. Among them were a poor quality design, lack of accessibility, an unsecured method of capturing personal details, broken links, images and content not optimised for search engines (SEO), a non-responsive design (desktop only),  slow web servers and non-specific page titles. Based on all of these points, we started our research process in order to give them and the design the right direction.

Delivering the Solution


The Jervis Shopping Centre was seeking for a digital agency in Dublin that could cover all their needs professionally and effectively. The good news was that in choosing Webbiz, we could take care of both their minor and major pain points. These pain points included optimising large and high-quality imagery for website loading times and speeds, making both their content and blog easily manageable via a content management system (CMS), full reporting and use of A/B testing, the design of custom iconography to promote their brand, services and facilities, social media feed application programming interface (API), a functional e-mail lead capture design and a modern and responsive custom website design style consistent throughout the whole website.

Mobile-First Thinking

Set the style and stick with it



Custom Iconography for Jervis Shopping

webbiz jervis shopping centre website design agency in dublin

New technologies must be used


webbiz jervis shopping centre website design agency in dublin

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