Landa Bags

Selling handcrafted leather goods with an empowered eCommerce website.

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With a want to encapsulate both beauty and eCommerce within a website, we were approached to create and build a custom website design for Landa Bags. Together our development, design and branding teams worked together to showcase these luxurious leather bags and goods in a digital-focused way that helped drive leads and sales to the business.

Pain Points Solved



Built, designed and launched a custom eCommerce website


Showcased the Landa brand and products in an attractive way


Empowered their aesthetic with photography and editing


Helped to drive traffic, leads and sales to their website


Full and continued support of this startup as it continues to grow

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Big brands choose us for a reason

With Webbiz on your side, your brand and business can enjoy beneficial boosts to traffic, leads and sales enabling it to profit and prosper further. If you want this for your business too, contact us here.


New users within first three months of website launch


Page views within the first six months of launching


Pages per session achieved within the first year of trading


When Silvana Landa made contact with us here at Webbiz, she needed her dream and vision to be brought to life online. She wanted to sell her handmade leather handbags and goods in a modern way (with a huge potential reach) through an eCommerce website. Visual impact, branding and overall aesthetics was hugely important here and so she also required the assistance of a creative team with bespoke branding experience. We were the perfect fit and we went above and beyond to deliver on all of the above to give Landa Bags the best start online with the tools and support to survive and thrive in business.

landa bags web design by webbiz woman holding a small leather bag in one hand and sheets of leather in her other hand while inside a factory


The Landa bags themselves come in a range of eye-catching and vibrant colours. These include the likes of Italian tomato, saddle tan and dark olive (evoking the Spanish origins of the leather used in their construction). Regarding these products and colours as the paint as such, the branding and design space around them was left neutral to work harmoniously with the products and act as a canvas for the products to shine and stand out upon. Therefore the logo chosen was that of the word ‘Landa’ itself presented in a clearly legible black font. This logo was also imprinted onto the bags themselves which worked to add a captivating sense of cohesion between both the online and offline elements.

landa bags web design by webbiz grapich showing the colours and fonts used for the landa logo and typography

One of the pillars of the Landa Bags brand is that of empowering their customers with visual and technical information so that they can make an informed purchase. Visually this was achieved by displaying both closeups of the products as well as lifestyle images of them being worn and used by models. In terms of technical information, the product pages included graphical representations that showed the sizes and dimensions of the bags from an array of different angles.

landa bags web design by webbiz moving graphic showing a blue leather handbag and black dullfle bag on top of a graphic that shows the sizes and dimensions of the bags

Custom Website Design


A custom WordPress website was decided upon so that Silvana and her staff would be easily able to use and understand the website (both the backend and the frontend). For those who may have little to no website experience, WordPress is among the best content management software (CMS) to use as it does not require a huge learning curve. Webbiz not only specialise in custom WordPress website design (and subsequent support for them); but also in crafting responsive website designs. This means that regardless if visitors came to the Landa Bags website from either desktop or mobile devices, they were greeted by a beautiful and fully responsive design where they had the possibility to purchase any product.

landa bags web design by webbiz moving graphic showing a snapshot look at some different pages of the landa website

Tapping into the fashion and lifestyle angle of her products, the website was also built with a blog to showcase the products in real-life scenarios; a newsletter subscription section to receive news and updates from Landa Bags and links to their Instagram and Pinterest accounts. By highlighting these social media channels, the brand demonstrated an admirable best fit approach in that these being two of the most visual social media types suited the brand offering perfectly.

landa bags web design by webbiz showing the blog page of the website which is titled as stories and has image blocks per blog post



As part of the offering of our Dublin web agency, Webbiz provide support to our clients so that they can properly use and get the most out of their new custom website. This happens at the handover stage and also can be arranged for a later date too after the client and their team has had the website for a while and may need assistance and guidance in certain aspects. Our support also extends beyond the technical and can include efforts to bolster the business at any stage. With Landa Bags for example, they continue to rely on us in terms of getting new product photography completed by our branding department and website maintenance such as software updates and page and layout tweaks etc.

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In their words

“Working with Webbiz was a great experience.

They understood my needs and created a suitable eCommerce site for my new brand.”

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