Merchants Quay Ireland

Merchants Quay Ireland is a voluntary organisation who help Irelands homeless community that are caught in addiction.

Largest non-profit drug service in Ireland


Defining the Problem




What does the project work to achieve?

The primary objective is to position the Donation Funnel as a key component of the new MQI website. We are also aiming to increase the website’s usability for its users by offering ease of navigation. MQI is a cutting-edge service provider and is paving the way on how these services should be delivered to its clients, we need to represent this through the content and structure.

Our focus will be on 2 key areas:

Donation Funnel – to generate revenue. Position CTA for Donations and ensure the donation funnel is easy to follow through on.

Information Presentation and sharing – to stop people calling the admin team and get the information from the website. Create an engaging user experience.


Target Audience

Who are we trying to reach?

All target Audiences are very important to MQI and the use of primary and secondary is for listing purposes. MQI’s donor current base is mainly 70+ so we are looking to achieve a much younger demographic with this Project. From Google Analytics we can see the average sex and age of users are Male (⅔), 25-44 (reference in Assets section)but we feel these numbers represent the users of MQI’s service.



 Visual Market Research


Delivering the Solution



All target audiences are very important

Primary target: Donors
The ability to donate in the shortest number of clicks: Once they are there, conversion
Secondary target: Users and Clients
Present the services in a manner that is user/client and family-friendly: Ease of access to information and contact information.
Tertiary target: Media personnel and researchers internal users
Present the information is an easy to navigate format so these users can access and refrain from calling the admin team.

Mobile-First Thinking

Few clicks to take an action

MQI’s Digital Styleguide



Accent and Secondary colours: Be friendly and vivid to attract the young audience.
Imagery and Videography: Express the dramatic homeless’s life and show how can we contribute.
The tone of voice: Engage the fundraising community using strong visual representation & tone of voice.
Layout: Following the logo, use square boxes (fixed width, variable height).


Manage all your news on WordPress

MQI requested the ability to easily create new pages and include any elements already designed. And of course, easily upload blogs. They would also publish reports, annual reviews and fundraising materials from time-to-time; we would like these to be easily uploadable as PDFs and accessible either as links or to download behind forms.

Layout Guidelines

The layout of your digital product will be best designed if you have a clear idea of your projects’ priorities. If you don’t know your priorities, the design will never be able to reflect them and can end up being generic, muddled, or at worst confusing.


Design Custom & Unique Icons

The Result


Donation conversion in month 1


Decrease in bounce rate


Mobile traffic increase

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