An industry-leading icon breaking new ground in the world of NFTs​!

MintySwap is a one-of-a-kind global NFT marketplace with its own decentralized token. We had previously worked with the people behind MintySwap on some of their other sites. So, naturally, when they approached us with this project, we were thrilled to have the chance to create an experience that could define an industry.

Project Goals for MintySwap



Create a fresh and funky brand icon to echo the young crypto community.


Design and construct a scalable platform for the ever-growing Minty brand.


Establish a brand voice to match the image and tie the identity of the site together.


Create an intuitive, clear funnel for all site visitors with an enjoyable user experience.

Concept –> Development

For MintySwap’s branding, creating a business-defining image or icon was their no.1 priority. Not only would this set the tone for the brand it would also be a part of their wider strategy going forward. The plan was that the Minty icon could be adapted to many iterations and have its own personality. In terms of development, they needed an entirely custom-built platform. This was to allow MintySwap and the MintySwap network’s NFT marketplace to scale in size as more features roll out in the future. We were also asked to establish a tone of voice with content that gives the website a well-rounded, complete feel. Something vibrant and unique to match the contemporary vibe of MintySwap. 

Bringing a modern design to a nft brand

Tailor-Made Brand Identity


The End Result  

Our relationship with MintySwap allowed for an open and free-flowing dialogue about their ideas and desires. One of the earlier details established was that we needed to create an avatar or character. This was to satisfy the appearance of many NFT-based businesses and would become the icon of the business and their future NFT token. We created different interpretations of “Minty”, sampling styles and colour palettes until we had it right.

Throughout the process, their feedback helped us to tweak our design until all involved were in love with it. The finished product featured their signature vibrant mint leaf that would go on to adorn every aspect of MintySwap’s business. From there, we built a sleek and gorgeously styled website. It began as a one-pager to allow for a quick launch and grew over time into the platform we had discussed at the beginning. Today, the site continues to grow as the brand expands and evolves and we enjoy being part of their journey. The online platform is a perfect showcase for potential collectors, creators and all users to see just how innovative and different MintySwap is, and will always be.


Bringing a modern design to a NFT brand

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