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An international video games translating company, MoGi Group came to us to turbocharge their outdated website with a slick, modern and responsive design. They chose us as they were impressed with our prowess with multimedia – coupled with our ethos as a web design agency in Dublin that places a focus on business goals. A great example of collaboration between Webbiz and their valued clients, here we show the scope of this project and all it’s challenges.

Pain Points Solved



Updated their older website to a more modern and responsive design


Implemented an array of impressive animations and graphics


Empowered their goal potential with an expert user experience (UX)


Effective showcase of their full suite of services for prospective clients


Built a professional relationship which led to further work on a sister site

mogi group custom website design at webbiz image of five staff members playing video games and making experssions in a room with bright green chairs and a white table

Big brands choose us for a reason

With Webbiz on your side, your brand and business can enjoy beneficial boosts to traffic, leads and sales enabling it to profit and prosper further. If you want this for your business too, contact us here.


New users within first three months of website launch


Page views within the first six months of launching


Pages per session achieved within the first year of trading


Not only do big brands choose us (as evidenced here with this case study), but big brands choose MoGi Group too for their gaming translation and localisation services. These include major players such as Bandi Namco, Capcom, Konami and Samsung. To allude to their illustrious heights, they needed a website that paid testament to their achievements while also working to attract new clients of a similar quality. The Webbiz team mobilised into action to make this into a reality for them.

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Meticulous Multimedia

A large aspect of this project involved the meticulous use of multimedia throughout the design and across the webpages. These took the form of videos, motion graphics and animations which were an advanced way to both draw attention to certain areas while also acting as a showreel of their work. While these made for high visual impact and enhanced the aesthetics overall, we made sure to optimise and compress them as much as possible so that they did not have a negative drawback on both page loading times and overall site speed. This was a particular highlight of the project as our design and development teams worked together to distil the essence of MoGi Group through various multimedia and design elements. As a website design agency that goes beyond the basic in this way, clients know that they will get a professional and premium result when they choose Webbiz.

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Custom Website Design


As with all of our work, each website design is completely custom and responsive on both desktop and mobile devices. With MoGi Group, they chose to be heavily involved in the new design that we made for them – understandably apprehensive at first at such a big change from their majorly outdated website beforehand. Due to this, we worked closely to set the tone with an impressive homepage (going through three revisions to perfect it) and a suite of animations and graphics that added a sense of movement and vibrancy throughout the webpages. Knowing that it is easy for website visitors to get blindsided by the big names that MoGi have worked with, we made sure to consolidate their robust list of services in both the header and footer areas; while also expanding upon their team structure and career opportunities. This was a website that worked wonders for all stakeholders involved.


mogi group custom website design at webbiz image of the mogi group website homepage before the custom website design by webbiz


mogi group custom website design at webbiz image of the mogi group website homepage after the custom website design by webbiz

Wonderful Working Relationship

Easily one of our favourite projects to date, what made it even better was that of the impressive working relationship that we forged together. Wanting to be involved in their new custom website design from the start in a collaborative capacity, the MoGi Group staff quickly became friends as we brainstormed and brought ideas into a distinct digital reality. They were amazed as to how we can add value at every touchpoint by going beyond the basic at even the smallest of details. Seeing how we worked and the results that we brought to them (hugely helping their business goals), they requested that we complete further work on a sister site of theirs as they did not want to lose the new level of quality that we provided them with.

In their words

“I’ve worked on two medium-large projects with Webbiz in the last fourteen months and I can’t say enough good things about the team there! They’re very quick to respond, very active in processing and understanding feedback and briefs and very creative in their approach. If you know exactly what you’re looking for or if you’d like a little creative guidance, they’ve got you.”

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