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Help people with their meal planning and weight loss goals

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Edel and Marie are sisters who came to us with an idea to use technology to help people with their meal planning and weight loss goals through the use of a website and app. We imparted our expertise and experience to them to bring their dream to life with a focus on long-term success and overall longevity. As such, we worked with them to focus their plan, establish their minimum viable product (MVP), create beautifully bespoke branding (evolving their original idea) and overall to bring a product to market that has now won awards and made serious traction in the fitness and wellness industry.

Pain Points Solved




Supported this startup and helped bring it into a tangible reality


Empowered their original ideas with a long-term business focus


Helped establish their MVP to preserve and prolong their initial resources


Created a custom website, web-based application (app) and beautiful branding


Mobilised our contacts and digital marketing department to support the launch

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Big brands choose us for a reason

With us on your side, your brand and business can enjoy beneficial boosts to traffic, leads and sales enabling it to profit and prosper further. If you want a web agency that goes beyond the basic for your business too, contact us here.


Increase in users within first month of digital marketing strategy


Page views within the first eight months of launching


New users within the first quarter of trading

Their original idea was called ‘Transform Me’

They planned a full-throttle approach from the start and so we worked with them to focus on a longer term plan, thus evolving their original idea. This culminated in ‘Shape My Plan’ which includes tailored meal plans, hundreds of recipes and a food intake tracker to optimise nutrition for your goals. As you can see, Webbiz goes beyond the basic for our clients and adds tangible value at every step of the way.

woman sitting at a computer screen beside the words transform me and shape my plan flashing up as part of the webbiz case study on the screen


An aesthetic that brimmed with energy

While some clients can be unaware as to just how powerful and important branding is, Edel and Marie knew this from the start and came to us with some ideas already. Our dedicated branding department worked with them to develop these ideas further (implementing the likes of competitor analysis, blue sky thinking, focus testing and more). The result was an eye-catching, but not garish or overpowering, orange colour scheme that brimmed with energy and enthusiasm.

graphics showing the shape my plan branding including colours and typography

Simple, Effective, Distinct and Memorable

We of course custom designed their logo too as part of this and chose to fuse their fitness and food ethos by implementing a figure running while wearing a classic chef’s hat (toque). Simple, effective, distinct and memorable. This was in stark contrast to and an excellent evolution from what they first came to us with – the working title business name of ‘Transform Me’ and a more muted pastel colour logo idea that lacked real visual impact and connection. Culminating from this then was the new and improved business name of ‘Shape My Plan’.

graphic showing the design stages of the shape my plan logo of a figure running while wearing a chefs hat

Setting a Design System

Like with all of our branding designs, our team implemented their professional aesthetic across their website, social media channels (banners, highlights, icons, profile pictures etc.) and of course on their app also. We also empowered them with a brand pack and guidelines so that any of the gyms and fitness facilities using Shape My Plan in the future could seamlessly represent this on their own website and channels etc. By keeping a consistent and cohesive image, this gave the brand a favourable and professional first impression when at the likes of pitches, presentations and more.

moving image that shows the various stages of the shape my plan branding as designed by webbiz including the logo and colours

Custom Website Design


Potential to go beyond the basic

The digital-first approach of their business plan meant that Shape My Plan could only exist if its website existed. As such, this project dictated that the website was in and itself the product and service on offer to their clients. We here at Webbiz love when this is the case as it gives us ample scope and potential to go beyond the basic (the same ethos we apply to all of our work) to provide them not only with an online vehicle to meet their needs, but also to do so much more and add continued value to their business.


UX and UI – proven indicators of website success

Starting from scratch, we built a framework with a clear navigation, user experience (UX) and user interaction (UI) interface so that visitors to the website could easily locate whatever they were looking for – whether it be information on Shape My Plan, tutorials on how to set it up or the account login portal etc. When implemented to an expert level, the elements of UX and UI are proven indicators of website success. This is because they work to keep the website visitor in mind at all times so that they can easily use and enjoy the website to fulfil their needs.

shape me plan website homepage as designed by webbiz


Responsive and Optimised

As with all of the custom website designs from this Dublin web agency, the website was made to be responsive on both desktop and mobile devices and optimised for search engine friendliness, page loading times and overall speediness. We made sure to keep a clear path in place so that the company could be contacted, with a straightforward and effective contact form that completed most of the webpages. Each and every touchpoint was turbocharged with custom branding (as mentioned above), on-brand imagery and welcome and spacious formatting that drew visitors further into their offering. With this, Shape My Plan had the perfect vehicle to drive their business forward.

birds eye view of shape my plan website pages with blue lines on them to show their responsive design elements


Web-Based Application

What was important as part of their offering was the ability for their subscribers to access their meal plans, recipes and food intake tracker whenever then needed to. That is why we implemented a web-based application for Shape My Plan – making this a distinct possibility. This enabled the above elements to be accessed with just a few simple taps on a smartphone screen, therefore increasing the usage and engagement of the brand through this ease of access. With short and simple video tutorials showing how to set this up on a smartphone and how to access and adjust the various features (such as adjusting calories and enabling macro mode), it was perfectly user-friendly.

screenshot of the shape my plan website as designed by webbiz showing different meal plan dishes and options

Taking strategic decisions

It should be noted that we recommended to Edel and Marie to choose a web-based application as opposed to the more commonplace app. This was a strategic decision to increase usage of their website overall as it is the website itself that is the hub, content base and information point of the business. With this too comes a truly seamless experience on both desktop and mobile devices, enabled even further with the addition of the Shape My Plan icon placed on smartphone home screens. From a business sense, this method adds value by preserving startup funds in the early stages of trading while also offering a complete omni-channel experience.

moving image showing different shape my plan meals plans and recipe ideas as seen on their app and website as designed by webbiz

Digital Marketing

Empowered with the strongest start possible

Opting to avail of our digital marketing services to support their launch, this saw our digital marketing department mobilise our network of links and contacts along with the Shape My Plan app, branding, content, social media channels and website to drive traffic and leads to them. With this, they were empowered with the strongest start possible with which to extend the reach of their offering, increase brand awareness and gain leads, sales and revenue. We can’t neglect to take into the account the more intangible word-of-mouth promotion that the brand also received as a natural byproduct of this boost in visibility.

graphic showing the shape my plan logo alongside three mobile phone screens of the website and app

3,000 followers in less than a year

Having these strong best fit and best practice foundations in place has led Shape My Plan to gain three-thousand followers on social media in less than a year of trading. Using this as a base to grow alongside the app, branding and website that we created; means that they are poised and primed to continue this growth well into the future – bolstered by the business benefits that Webbiz bestowed to them.

screenshot of the shape my plan instagram account

In their words

“Delighted to have found Webbiz to take care of our website. Owen brought our idea to life and we love our end product. We constantly get feedback from our clients about how attractive and easy our website ‘Shape My Plan’ is to use. Owen always offered his ideas which added to the benefits of our site. I highly recommend Webbiz to work with. Thank you, Owen and team.”

Visit the Website/App

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