A modern aesthetic for Ireland's leading utility comparison platform

Compare Broadband was the leading utility comparison service in Ireland. Focused on providing price comparisons for TV, internet, and broadband packages, the website’s success prompted the creation of an even broader comparison service that included Ireland’s top energy providers. Creating a web presence that reflected the new brand identity and provided the necessary exposure was essential.  

Pain Points Solved



Provide a distinguished identity for the brand’s new identity


Conduct a complete re-brand effort


Increase the lead generation rate


Create a seamless price comparison experience for website users


Mobile-First Thinking

Thanks to the previous success of comparebroadband.ie, WeCompare held an advantaged position in terms of awareness with the target audience. It was essential to utilise this as the springboard to consolidate its presence under a new name.  

Tailor-Made Brand Identity  

We focused on the creation of a new visual concept and a new brand identity. The team crafted a minimalist identity that is immediately identifiable and visually clean. This was coupled with the development of a platform that provided users with a great experience.  

Since the website launch in June 2020, the conversion rate based on leads generated to providers in Ireland has increased by 14%. Moreover, from month to month, the platform is experiencing an increase in the volume of new users discovering WeCompare and engaging with the site content with a 12.7% average growth rate.  

Webbiz Aftercare  

Updating the visuals was only the first step into building a trusted company. We partnered up with some of Ireland’s most prominent content creators on YouTube – Rory Stories – to raise awareness of WeCompare’s free and high-quality services.   

WeCompare also reached out to customers where the service is most important. We also developed exclusive content to maximise their SEO scores and get potential new clients attention on current topics such as gaming, streaming, and technology. 

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