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Adding value by bringing their website, branding and offering into the 21st century.

westpark fitness case study by webbiz two smartphone screens showing the home page and menu of the westpark fitness website

Knowing they needed a modern and responsive website to attract leads to their business in the form of new memberships; Westpark Fitness reached out to us here at Webbiz as they needed a company like us who could genuinely understand their needs and the industry space that they operate in. Not only did we impart our expertise and deliver on their goals – but we also deployed a bespoke branding, content and digital marketing strategy to sustain their sales.

Pain Points Solved



Replaced outdated website with a brand new custom and responsive design


Improved search engine optimisation and friendliness with optimised content


Defined and implemented a user experience (UX) to drive sales and conversions


Maintained a targeted digital marketing strategy to sustain sales


Implemented beautifully bespoke branding for use across all touchpoints


Big brands choose us for a reason

With Webbiz on your side, your brand and business can enjoy beneficial boosts to traffic, leads and sales enabling it to profit and prosper further. If you want this for your business too, contact us here.


Increase in sessions via social referral over six month period


Average amount of page views per month over a twelve month period


Page views increase in one month after the launch of a new content campaign


A premier fitness facility in the Dublin 24 area, Westpark Fitness are in business for almost thirty years and as such have a respected reputation and loyal following. Yet what was betraying these achievements was their outdated website that resulted in a subpar first impression for potential new members; in tandem with a lack of SEO awareness and a content output that was neither consistent or cohesive. Compounding their potential also was the emergence and popularity of fitness tech which was not represented across any of their touchpoints. A client who were open to listening and learning, they were impressed by our experience and knowledge and chose us to solve their pain points and add value at each and every stage.



An Emphasis on Identity

To make Westpark Fitness stand out for all the right reasons in the crowded gym and fitness market, we incorporated an emphasis on identity and branding at every touchpoint. Establishing their pantone colour and signature font, this was applied creatively to their print media output, their online images, social media channels and more. With this, the business was empowered by an exquisite suite of visual assets that connected their offering to colours, fonts, imagery, wording and more. As such, they gained a new level of accessibility by having a consistent and cohesive identity that remained on the minds of those who interacted with it (from any touchpoint).

westpark fitness case study by webbiz showing the colours and typography used in the website design

Professional + Engaging Aesthetic

The beauty of branding is that, when curated correctly, it is versatile and can populate many different areas of a business. So this meant the likes of Westpark Fitness newsletters, timetables, posters and more retained the professional and engaging aesthetic that our branding department bestowed to them. Not only did this garner positive feedback and become a talking point among their members in the gym itself, but it also contributed to increased engagement, likes, shares, comments and more within their social following sphere.

westpark fitness case study by webbiz images showing a fitness class timetable and a fitness class page and blog entries from the westpark fitness website and a back care seminar poster

Custom Website Design

Custom + Clean

We only ever design and deploy fully custom websites. This means that they are coded exactly for your needs and not slowed down by the excess code that standard templates and themes are bloated with. So for Westpark Fitness, this meant a custom WordPress website complete with easy-to-update sections for the likes of classes and team members. We also made sure to incorporate expansive and engaging imagery (captured and curated by our in-house photographers and graphic designers) as an effective way to highlight the facilities and to give a more human face and personable edge to their aesthetic.

westpark fitness case study by webbiz images showing the greyed out template of the homepage and then the finished home page complete with images and copy

Accessible on Any Device

As with all of our custom website designs, it performed responsively (and perfectly) on both desktop and mobile devices. It was also empowered with swift loading times and page speeds as the code was optimised to only do exactly what was needed, the file sizes of images were compressed (without losing their quality and impact) and perhaps most importantly; a clear user experience (UX) was implemented which naturally led visitors to the contact page to convert.

westpark fitness case study by webbiz images showing the layout and design of the webpages and a closeup of a smartphone screen showing a male gym goer holding weight plates up in the air

Digital Marketing

Creating Content Pillars

Focusing on four content pillars of classes, community, fitness tech and team members; our digital marketing department was entrusted with enhancing the content of Westpark Fitness to attract new members and keep current ones engaged. This culminated in a minimum of three blog posts per week (targeting all four content pillars with such entries as an exercise of the week, recipe of the week and sleep optimisation blogs), monthly member newsletters, daily social media posts, online advertisements and more.

Two particularly successful pieces of content in this instance were that of before and after results of gym members (promoted as ‘Transformation Tuesday’ on social media and ‘Success Stories’ on the website) and step-by-step exercise videos recorded in the gym. Both of these elements connected exceptionally well with the target audiences and drew huge engagement from them. Both were also optimised for desktop and mobile devices as well as receiving custom edits for YouTube uploading and embedding and Facebook and Instagram posts and stories.

Visibility + Reach

What we love about our expert digital marketing efforts is the visibility and reach that they achieve. With Westpark Fitness, this was evidenced by the immediate uptake in their new classes, signing up to attend events and of course via the new gym memberships they receive for example. All of these elements are bolstered by a professional digital marketing strategy that is proven to be effective as can be seen via conversions and Google Analytics etc.

These efforts resulted in tangible spikes and sustainment in traffic and leads which was especially useful when promoting a new service or aspect of their offering. Viral success was also achieved with a social media video which reached almost forty-thousand people organically, despite their following being at eleven-thousand – you can see the results of this here.

Exercise Videos


Importance of Technical Support

While the above elements offer a paramount level of support in order to help Westpark Fitness achieve their business goals and targets, it is important to recognise the more technical support that we offer too. For this particular client, it meant keeping all of the software and plugins updated on their website (such as upgrading to WordPress 5), troubleshooting any queries that the staff had and monitoring their website performance to consistently optimise it in terms of speed, performance and profitability.

westpark fitness case study by webbiz graphic showing a male team member and a female team member beside three smartphone screens displaying images from the westpark fitness website

Face-to-Face Follow up

As a genuinely friendly team who want the best for our clients, we also support them by visiting them on site for face-to-face meetings, assisting on the ground with their content creation and even contributing to brainstorming and idea generation sessions to help power Westpark Fitness further and further. We are not the type of web agency to leave clients to fend for themselves once their website project is delivered, especially as our specialist team enjoy helping clients and assisting in their growth at every step of the way.

westpark fitness case study by webbiz two men sitting opposite each other at a desk looking at a sheet of paper on the desk

In their words

“Being in business for almost 30 years, our website was badly outdated. We needed a company who could bring our branding and business offering straight into the 21st century while not alienating our current members but also working to attract new ones. We were so so glad to find Webbiz and are beyond happy with what they have produced. Our new branding and website is simply stunning and the traffic it continues to receive is great for business. They have really made us be a market leader in the Irish fitness industry. Special thanks to the whole team and to Lee in particular for constantly keeping on top of our content and digital marketing so that our SEO, online engagement and overall sales are consistently strong.”

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westpark fitness case study by webbiz image of male and female manager and assistant manager respectively at westpark fitness

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